The Ensemble Sangineto was born in 2000 and at the beginning  was formed by all the members of the Sangineto family: the father Michele, luthier of harps, psalteries and early and popular instruments of the European tradition, the mother Paola and the twins Adriano and Caterina. The group performs all over in Europe presenting a repertoire of French, Italian and English early music from the Middle-Ages to the Renaissance exporting in the meantime the instruments of the Sangineto luthery in France, Germany, England, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain and Belgium.

Nowadays the Ensemble Sangineto is formed by the twins Adriano and Caterina Sangineto.
Having grown up in the artistic environment of their father, Michele Sangineto, the twins have developed a natural flair for early music, which they were exposed to in the early stages of their musical growth. They later encountered folk and popular music in all its polychromatic facets, with a special preference for the Irish, Breton and French traditions. Thanks to their classical education (both of them studied successfully at the Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Milan) and familiarity with modern and pop music, the group aim to reinterpret and recuperate the European musical tradition in a modern perspective, experimenting new ways of use of early and folk instruments.

Ensemble Sangineto is a musical project in rapid evolution, multifaceted and versatile, which skillfully combines ancient sonorities and harmonies with modern rhythms and arrangements, which are influenced by various musical genres: jazz, classic, gregorian chant, the Musical, pop and Celtic music. The musical experimentation of the group in based on the use nuances from all those genres on pieces from the irish, Scottish and Breton tradition, as long as Italian too,  and on original compositions.

Fascinating combinations in sparkling interpretations characterize one of the most exciting and original group of the Celtic music scene in Italy. The refined mixture of the tones of the harp and of the bowed psaltery and the magic fusion of the voices create a dreamlike and joyful atmospheres.

The Ensemble Sangineto collaborates with Carlos Núñez and occasionally with the guitarists Tiziano Cogliati and Jacopo Ventura.

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